Cemeteries or Crematorriums

Choosing between cemeteries and crematoriums can be a pretty tough. That is, if you are not informed. While the idea of a burial may seem nice, it is actually hugely problematic. Cemeteries in Melbourne pose a variety of problems that range from financial to even environmental. This is why you need to seriously consider a cremation service.  

When it comes to the environmental impact of a burial, groundwater pollution is the first thing that comes to mind. Groundwater pollution happens when pollutants are released into the ground and make their way down into groundwater. This can be caused by a variety of things like gasoline, oil and road salts. But what people do not seem to know is that cemeteries can cause groundwater contamination too. Coffins are highly toxic sources of pollution. Toxic chemicals like varnishes, sealers and preservatives are all used to make coffins. Many paints used on coffins have lead, mercury and more. These coffins then disintegrate into harmful toxins that can get into our groundwater.

Another huge pollutant that comes from cemeteries is formaldehyde. This chemical is used in embalming, a popular method of preserving bodies. This chemical is known to be a human carcinogen, that is, it can cause cancer. The funeral industry legally buries about 2 million litres of formaldehyde every year, which then breaks down, and releases into our soil. So not only is this process useless as refrigeration can preserve a body just as well, but it is dangerous to the very world we live in. In fact, this chemical is known to cause negative effects over long periods of exposure. This poses dangers to embalmers. Furthermore, cemeteries are very wasteful. About 5 hectares of cemetery contains an unimaginable amount of steel and concrete. Not to mention enough wood to build 40 homes.

Another reason why you should seriously consider a crematorium is the financial aspect of it. Burials can cost up to $6,600 with additional costs of cemetery services, which can add up to $3,000. Choosing cremation over a burial can save your loved ones a huge sum of money.

So you see, there is no reason why you should not consider cremation. Cremation costs are low and they are eco-friendly. This makes them ultimately more beneficial for everyone.